Mr. and Mrs. John Schlessman established a scholarship fund in memory of their son Alan. Consideration is given for leadership, academic competence, desire for higher education, and for participation in golf, basketball, tennis, and school peer programs.

Scholarship applications can be obtained in the counselor’s office at Perkins High School or from the Sandusky/Erie County Community Foundation.

Alan R. Schlessman Scholarship

Awarded to a Perkins High School Senior with strong leadership potential and whose activities may have included peer leader, tennis, golf and/or basketball.

2003 Andrew Miller, Baptist Bible College
2004 Adam Davie, Ohio State University
2004 Jon Baker, Ohio State University
2005 Natalie Smith, New York University
2006 Amy Scheck, Bowling Green State University
2006 Jessica Bouy, Ohio State University
2007 Jenna Baker, Clemson University
2007 Dan Doster, Ohio State University
2007 Cory Grathwol, Ohio State University
2008 Jared Patton, Washington & Jefferson College
2008 Natalie Reddaway, Capital University
2008 Carol Jean Kurtz, Bowling Green State University
2009 Mary Giardina, Ohio State University
2009 Jen Kustec, Bowling Green State University
2009 Michael Henzler, Univ. of Akron
2009 Katie Stephens-Rich (awarded in ’10), Ohio State University
2010 Sarah Kerst – Univ. of Cincinnati
2010 Chaz Herzog – Bowling Green State University
2010 Chris Baxter – Dayton University
2011 Tim Cutler – Dayton University
2011 Caryn Roeser – Bowling Green State University
2011 Stephanie Reddaway – Ohio State University
2012 Adrianna Scavio – Bowling Green State Univ.
2012 Ben Kinsel – Ohio State Univ.
2012 Jordon Fraley – Tiffin Univ.
2012 Tony Genter – Ohio State Univ.
2013 Kimberly Anglin
2013 Taylor Haynes
2013 Hayley Roll
2014 Kelly Grathwol
2014 Cody Dominick
2014 Manickam Manickam
2014 Sarah Sullivan
2015 Kayla Hafner & Carlee Vaughn
2016 Priscilla Nguyen, Susan Jiang and Jordyn Baker
2017 Dhanush Kota, Kasi Didion and Luke Zahniser
2018 Cassie Cebull, Ashley Kaufman, Jacob Voight
2019 Maria Schoder, Sydney Thom, Drew McVeigh
2020 Ryleigh Keller, Bryan Zapadka, Zachary Voight
2021 Ian Hemphill, Diana Schoder, Dyson Leffler
2022 Sophia Matthews, Sam Oddo, Angie Leckrone (the 100th scholarship!)
2023 Ashritha Kota, Will Werling & Greta Gross
2024 Cameron Frankfather, Noah Normington-Slay & Addison Obermeyer

Al’s Scholarship & Grants

Awarded to a Sandusky High School Blue Streak Senior basketball player. Alan was ball boy for the Streaks in his younger years when his father coached.

2004 Jonathan Stratton, Miami (Fla.) University
2004 Chris Magee, Bowling Green State University
2004 Ryan Williams, University of Texas at San Antonio
2005 Daniel Williams, Bowling Green State University
2006 Michael Love, St. Louis University
2008 Donté Walk, Central State University
2009 Sandusky High, $$ awarded for 2009 Summer AAU program
2010-2013 Sandusky Basketball Shoe Fund
2014 $1000 Sandusky Basketball Camps
2015 $6000 grants to Sandusky area youth for Baywinds Tennis, area
golf instruction and tourney fees, and equipment, clinic fees and
clothing for Sandusky basketball
2016 $3500 Sandusky basketball, Sandusky Funschools, Baywinds
Jr. Gold, and various equipment needs for area schools
2022 Kye Scott


Al’s Golf Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a Perkins High School senior golfer. Proceeds from the Pirate Booster Club’s annual Alan Schlessman Memorial Golf Scramble make this award possible.

2003 A.J. Erney, Ohio State University
2004 Abby Bertsch, Ohio Northern University
2005 Jessica Goff, Ohio State University
2006 Michael Grathwol, Notre Dame University
2007 Perry Mullins, Ohio State University
2008 Marina Trent, Ohio State University
2009 Derek Brennen, BGSU/Firelands
2010 Breanna Trent – Kent State Univ.
2010 Kevin Ebert – Univ. Of Toledo
2011 Laura Beebe – Ohio State University
2012 Grant White – Bowling Green State Univ.
2013 Maddie Mullins
2013 Nathan Foss
2014 Tanner Trent
2016 Hannah Weatherly
2017 Trent Majoy
2018 Abby Singler
2019 Kate Visci – The Ohio State University
2020 Lexee Kim
2021 Sam Siegel
2022 Ireland Weatherly
2023 Gavin Hemphill
2024 Mike Zimmerman